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Why lumber is worth a second look in tough markets

Max Melmed

Max Melmed

Partner, Capital2Market

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Did you know?

We are not growing trees fast enough to meet global demand

Timber demand is set to quadruple by 2050
30% of tree species are at risk of extinction
U.S. loses 36 million bf of wood every year

The world needs wood, now more than ever, as people look for more sustainable building materials for homes and consumer goods. At the same time, lumber prices have been volatile, mostly due to the ups and downs of the residential housing market.

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The solution

Growing for Green

Trees are not only a fascinating asset class – they are also one of the best ways we can fight climate change.

Trees are massive carbon sinks that can naturally reverse global warming
Wood is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable
Wood takes less energy to produce than steel or plastic

World Tree offers a new way to participate in the many financial and ecological benefits of the lumber market. We grow a beautiful, sustainable hardwood tree called the Empress Splendor that matures in a third of the time of other trees. Backed by thousands of investors, we have planted over 5000 acres of Empress trees on over 300 tree farms.

The Wood for the Future

Nature’s ‘wonder tree’

Non-invasive, non-GMO, the Empress Splendor is natures wonder tree.

Fast-growing, hardwood matures in just 10 years

One acre = your carbon footprint for a decade

Replenishes the soil with nitrogen rich leaves

Beautiful, nectar-rich flowers support pollinators

Produces light, strong sustainable hardwood

Regrows after harvest without replanting

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