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Discover the amazing Empress Splendor

Many landowners in the Southern US are familiar with the loblolly pine tree. This coniferous tree is abundant in the region and has been widely planted for commercial timber production for many years thanks to its relatively easy growth and government subsidies. However, many are now looking for alternatives that can yield a higher return in a shorter timeframe.  

The Empress Splendor tree (Paulownia fortunei & elongataplanted by World Tree, fits this bill perfectly. This beautiful, broad-leafed, deciduous hardwood is sited as the fastest-growing tree in the world, reaching maturity in only 8-12 yearsKnown as the “aluminum of lumber”, it has the highest strength-weight ratio of any lumber, with many commercial uses including furniture, blinds, crown moldings and guitars. And unlike pine, it re-generates from the stump numerous times, providing multiple harvests for up to 70 years without ever having to replant.

World Tree is partnering with farmers and landowners in the Southeastern US to develop a new form of plantation forestry based on the Empress Splendor tree. The company provides the saplings to qualifying farmers at no cost, works together with the farmers for 10 years to grow the highest quality lumber, brings a buyer for the lumber, then splits the profits with the farmers 50/50.

The essential differences between the tree species are summarized in the table below: 

pine v paulownia table

This is a fabulous opportunity for current and former pine growers to try a new tree species that can generate sustainable prosperity over multiple harvests. 

All the details are contained in the new report“Pine vs Paulownia,” which includes a comparative market analysis of the two speciesDownload your free copy here.

You can find out more about opportunities for farmers and other landowners to plant with World Tree at www.worldtreefarmers.com 

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