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World Tree Board of Directors

World Tree Technologies, Inc. announces the appointments of FilippoBozotti, Julie Friedman Steele,Allan English, Todd Fein, Brad Hilsabeck, and Chris Wedding to the Board of Directors.These additions of independent directors expand World Tree Technologies, Inc.Board of Directors to nine.

World Tree implements regenerative agroforestry projects – reversing climate change and making significant economic impacts for small farmers, institutional partners, and investors. We focus on protecting old-growth forests and infusing capital, resiliency, and a long-term future to small farmers with degraded or fallow agricultural property across North and Latin America. 

World Tree is built around a dynamic team of accomplished professionals and industry experts able to implement and execute leading-edge planting programs at a rapid pace. We utilize the Empress Splendor (Paulownia) tree – the fastest growing tree in the world that consumes massive amounts of carbon, contributes mightily to soil health and resiliency, pairs perfectly with multiple intercropping and silvopasture regimes.  

As we pursue our goal of building a company driving meaningful change, I couldnt be more excited to have these amazing thinkers, strategists, and practitioners join World Trees Board,” said Doug Willmore, World Tree Technologies, Inc. Chief Executive Officer. Their passion and commitment for sustainability, for innovation, and for our planets future stands out. And their ability to turn that passion and commitment into strategy and action that make a difference is inspiring. 

World Tree has big goals and even bigger dreams. 

Allan English was the Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of Silver Chef Limited, and brought Silver Chef to listing on the Australian stock exchange. Silver Chef also was a proud B-Corp accredited company. 

Brad Hilsabeck is a retired partner and former Chief Executive Officer of GMO (Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC), a private investment advisory firm that serves a broad range of sophisticated clients worldwide.   

Dr. Chris Wedding is a former private equity investor, Duke and UNC professor, investment banker, and founder of Entrepreneurs for Impact, serving climate CEOs with executive coaching and peer advisory groups. 

Filippo Bozotti is the co-founder of Tribewanted, LtD, developing sustainable communities for ecotourism in Fiji, Sierra Leone and Umbria, Italy.  

Julie Friedman Steele is one of the worlds leading futurists and global strategists and is Chair of the World Future Society. 

Todd Fein is the founder and CEO of Green Diamond, which helps large corporations and government agencies achieve maximum yet sustainable performance. 

These six outstanding and accomplished individuals join World Tree founder Wendy Burton, World Tree CEO Doug Willmore, and World Tree COO, Cathy Key on the World Tree Technologies, Inc. Board of Directors. 

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