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​Planting trees in these uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic is being felt by everyone: I don’t mean just your neck of the woods, your sports team, state or even country….. EVERYONE! Our world is facing a crisis and we’re living it all at once. I am coming across videos or posts on social media from all corners of the world, reminding me that we are in this together.

During the scariest of moments, when panic finds its way of seeping in, we also see some of the most beautiful events take place.

The silence in the streets has inspired music to be sung from the tops of balconies. It has given us pause to hear the wind, the rain, the birds and connect again to the nature that’s all around us.

The smog has lifted for days in China. Dolphins have been seen swimming in the canals of Italy. It’s incredible what the process of slowing down has done for our world in just a short period of time.

This by no means is to make light of the situation that we’re in, but to illustrate the fact that during some of our darkest times we, as humankind, shine the brightest. We’re human, facing an epidemic, and from that we make decisions not based on the colour of our skin, our sex, or our faith, but on what’s best for all of us – as humankind. If we allow our true nature to show, we can connect with one another on a much deeper level.

World Tree’s Response to COVID-19

World Tree, as you know, is a company dedicated to the reversal of climate degradation.

During this time, it is our intention to create actions that promote the safety and well being of the community at large. We want to be part of the solution to stopping the spread of COVID-19 amongst the general population.

With this in mind, we’ve discontinued all travel and have cancelled our plans to attend events.Our team members already work remotely and most of them from home offices. If not, they’ve been instructed to do so.

Our planting season has continued (Mother Nature waits for no one) and our little trees are being shipped to various locations throughout the world to our incredible farmers. Typically, we would be doing on site visits and assisting our farmers in close quarters but through the use of technology we’ve been able to make the necessary changes and find new ways to support our people.

We want to ensure all of you that we’re taking the necessary steps and preventative measures.

What COVID-19 means for our investors

Billionaire timber investor Jeremy Grantham likes to say:

“As long as the sun shines, and the rain rains, our trees will keep on growing”

One of the positive things about not being a commodity on the stock market, is that we are not currently being impacted by the economic shock waves of COVID-19. Our trees are being planted, our trees are growing and with those trees our hopes for the future.

Be Kind to One Another

In closing, we are proud to the see the actions of humanity in the face of this adversity, and frankly, we’re not surprised; you have all been such a massive support in our action against climate change, another challenge we are all connected by. It’s this type of solidarity that will have us overcome our greatest hurdles and have us all remember that we are in this together.

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