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Real change starts today

Invest in Nature

Our community of impact investors are backing real solutions to restoring our natural world.

Masego M. Jeremiah

Master Graduate, Deputy Director, IMPACT INVESTOR

"World Tree resonates with my plans to contribute towards climate change initiatives, even if I have the smallest contribution towards creating a better environment. I believe smaller parts will eventually add to a bigger and impactful positive change."

A scenic photo of Empress Trees and a tractor on Empress Springs Farm.
Eco-friendly, planet healing

Empress farming saves forests

30% of the world's tree species are at risk of extinction
36 million trees are lost in the US every year
Empress lumber farming can save trees at risk of extinction

Rachel Omologe


"It doesn't matter how little you contribute, it can create huge impacts down the road - it’s a good thing. I hope everyone who’s considering investing will give it a shot. It’s just a good feeling. After you try it the first time, you will keep coming back.”

The Empress Splendor

Nature’s ‘wonder tree’

Non-invasive, non-GMO, the Empress Splendor is natures wonder tree 

Fast-growing, hardwood matures in just 10 years

One acre = your carbon footprint for a decade

Replenishes the soil with nitrogen rich leaves

Beautiful, nectar-rich flowers support pollinators

Produces light, strong sustainable hardwood

Regrows after harvest without replanting

Jason Humphries


"Investors are the key - just like the farmers are, and just like World Tree. We can all come together and make a difference - make an impact. We’re leaving a legacy behind for our families and for the future.”

Watch our video:
Learn how we can reverse climate change and restore our ecosystems.

Wendy and Mariana surrounded by Empress Trees.
About World Tree

#1 grower of Empress Splendor trees in North America

We plant fast-growing, carbon-crunching, soil-restoring non-GMO, non-invasive species of Empress trees with farmers to produce sustainable hardwood lumber.

We are serious about using business as a tool for change. We combine best practices in regenerative agriculture and our 7 million acres of forestry experience to create life-changing results for farmers and our world. Our farming program already supports over 300 farmers in over 4 countries.

5000+ acres planted
300+ Empress tree farms funded
Life-changing program for farmers in 4 Countries

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World Tree is breaking down barriers to investing by providing educational content and new opportunities.

Join our community (it’s free!) and you will get:
  • Opportunity to win a seat in Kiss the Ground’s Soil Advocacy Training
  • Eco-Tree Program explained – 5-Email series on our unique program that unites farmers and investors to produce sustainable lumber
  • Impactfully Yours – Our leadership series on the intersection of climate and commerce.

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