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Empressive Farmer


Developed to share new ideas about regenerative agriculture, soil, and ecosystem health featuring experts in their respective fields.

Follow the series of live presentations or view them at your leisure below.

To participate in our live Empressive Farmer Educational Series webinars you can find upcoming information on our Education Events page.

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November 5, 2020 in Climate Change, Empressive Farmer Series, Environment, Farmers, Trees, Videos

Healthy Soil: The key to crop resilience and farmer success

Empressive Farmer Webinar EP#1 - The Soil Sponge   If there is one thing that farmers everywhere are consistently concerned with, it is the weather. It seems that it is…
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November 8, 2021 in Lumber, President Carter, Trees, Videos

Voila! A New Partnership That Starts on Pearl Street

World Tree’s CEO, Doug Willmore, and the founder of Voila! Creative Studio, Katrien Van der Schueren, recently announced the unveiling of Voila!'s new art installation that will be showcased in…
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June 3, 2021 in Farmers, Featured Farmers

American Paulownia Farmer Pioneer: David Sutton

David Sutton has been growing Paulownia (Empress) trees in Tennessee since 1988, making him one of the most experienced growers in the Southeast. While David is not a partner farmer in World Tree’s farmer program, he has been working…
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February 15, 2019 in Climate Change, Environment, Trees

Serious Drawdown: Why we are Optimistic About Reversing Climate Change

“Real change occurs from the bottom up; it occurs person to person, and it almost always occurs in small groups and locales and then bubbles up and aggregates to larger…
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January 13, 2020 in Climate Change, Community, Investments

Who did Reuben Krabbe grow up to be?

​Carbon neutral leader, impact investor in World Tree -- and one of Canada's top sports photographers by: Carrie L. Williams, S.E. Region News (SRN), USA   One of Canada’s top…
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September 28, 2022 in Climate Change, Environment, Trees

It Takes Two (Types of Tree Planting)

A quick glance at this article’s title image might give the impression that the pictured grove of trees is a forest. It is, in the sense that it is a…
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