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Invest in an Eco-Revolution

We are taking action toward planting prosperity, together.

Elevating, educating, and innovating for our planet through Eco-Tree Action.

Eco-Tree Action

Where Profit Meets Impact

The Eco-Tree Action program is offered by World Tree. We are a for-profit-for-good company. We believe that to really make a difference in reversing climate change, it is important to align economic and environmental incentives.

We intend to generate returns for our investors while helping to clean the air, restore the soil, and draw down carbon.

Every year, World Tree brings in a group of investors and plants trees on their behalf with farmers. The farmers provide the land and labor to grow the trees, World Tree provides its management expertise and the investors provide the funding.

Our objectives are:

  • To plant, manage, and harvest Empress Splendor (botanical name Paulownia) trees and generate returns through the sale of lumber
  • Restore Earth’s natural ecology and create a legacy for future generations
  • Promote the Empress Splendor tree as a powerful way to impact global warming, regenerate the soil and meet the world’s growing demand for lumber
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our Investors
  • Provide new opportunities to farmers within the field of agroforestry
About the tree

The Empress Splendor

This year World Tree is planning on planting 1,390 acres of Empress Splendor trees for Eco-Tree Action. The Empress Splendor (botanical name Paulownia) is one of the world’s fastest-growing hardwood trees. Empress Splendor trees reach maturity in 8-12 years unlike many other trees taking 20-30 years to grow.

The Empress Splendor is a natural beauty (non-GMO), is a real fighter (fire-resistant and grows back after harvest), and is a good neighbor (replenishes the soil and is non-invasive). To top it off, she eats massive amounts of carbon using a super-powerful form of photosynthesis.

The Eco-Tree Program impacts 7 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Making a difference

Democratizing Impact Investing

Our community of over 1000 climate-conscious investors includes environmental activists, millennials, parents, grandparents, teachers, scientists, companies, and investment funds.

World Tree’s Eco-Tree Action program creates an opportunity for anyone to participate in a sustainable lumber investment that has historically been unavailable to most.

Impactful outcomes:

  • Establishing a valuable sustainable timber product for the North American market
  • Generating profits from timber sales while implementing regenerative harvesting practices
  • Creating new economic opportunities for farmers
  • Restoring depleted soils and combating the climate crisis with regenerative agriculture practices
The aluminum of lumber

The Empress Market

Proven to have the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood in the world, Empress Splendor is known as the ‘aluminum of lumber’. A true Eco-lumber, it has a number of applications ranging from furniture and musical instruments to veneer and packaging.

Due to its high insulating qualities, architects are increasingly using Empress Splendor wood in green buildings as a finishing wood.

  • Blonde timber with a long straight grain
  • One of the highest strength to weight ratios of any wood
  • Can be peeled for veneer at up to 1/32nd of an inch thickness
  • Easy to plane, cut and carve with little splitting or chipping
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Sustainable and beautiful

The market price for Empress Splendor hardwood currently ranges between $3 and $14 a board foot depending on the quality of the wood. One acre of trees on a well-managed farm can produce around 20,000 board feet of lumber.

World Tree

Provides the tree stock, know-how and a buyer for the lumber.


of profits on harvest


Provide the land, labor, care, and maintenance of the trees.


of profits on harvest


Make it possible by providing conscious capital.


of profits on harvest
Managing the risks

A Diversified Approach

Crop failure is a significant risk factor. For this reason, we plant the trees across dozens of farms many thousands of miles apart in different countries.

If anything should happen to one stand of trees, it should not have a significant impact on the overall return.

With the Eco-Tree Programs, this year we are planting at over 220 unique farm locations in the United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico. Investors receive a pro-rata share of profits generated across all regions.

Trees are audited annually with our customized forest survey field software and GIS systems. This allows us to track growth and development down to the individual tree.


What they're saying

I am a believer in the need to get a handle on climate change to stop the events that are occurring around the world. I have an Aunt that lives in California and came close to the fires that occurred in California. Replacing the trees to restore the landscape is most essential in my book.

Kimberly F. KatzInvestor

I like that the returns are more "real" than most investments that I have seen (i.e. based on a tangible product rather than speculation), and the impact on climate change is a huge bonus.

Sajad ZalzalaInvestor

I believe this will help improve our environment and business for the World tree and investment for me.

Ramesh PatelInvestor

I just love the idea of World Tree - good for the environment, good for the soil, good for the farmer, good for me as an investor, . . .

Brian MorrisInvestor



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Costa Rica


Costa Rica





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