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Frequently Asked Questions

World Tree has a very large and diverse community. Throughout our years we’ve been able to compile the most frequent investor questions and although they might not all pertain to you, the answer you might be looking for could be here! Use the search function on the site to scroll through questions quicker.

How do shareholders/unitholders contact the company?

Send us an email at investorrelations@worldtree.eco.

What/Who is dbbmckennon?

Dbbmckennon is the company’s independent accountants who audit the company’s financial statements.

What/Who is Computershare?

Computershare is the company’s registered stock transfer agent.  All investment information is transmitted to Computershare and our stock records are maintained electronically with Computershare.  Investors can register their account online with Computershare at no cost to view your World Tree investment(s).

How do I register my account with Computershare?

You may register your account here: Computershare Investor Center – United States

Where do I find my Computershare Holder Account Number?

Your Computershare Holder Account Number appears on the account statement you received from Computershare.  If you did not receive an account statement from Computershare and/or you do not know your Holder Account Number, send us an email at investorrelations@worldtree.eco and we can help.

Why did I receive a Schedule K-1?

You invested in a World Tree USA, LLC, a limited liability company.  Each investor is subject to federal income tax on each investor’s share of the profits and losses of the company. Your Schedule K-1 reports your share of income, deductions, credits, losses, etc. of the company.

Why does my K-1 show losses? Did the trees die?

The company has not harvested any of its Empress Splendor crops inside of the Eco-Tree Program and therefore, has not earned any revenues.  However, the company has incurred operating expenses and as a result, had a net loss.  The allocation of losses and future gains is dependent on the number of units you purchased, the date of your purchase, U.S. federal partnership tax law, and the partnership allocation provisions in the company’s operating agreement.

Will I receive a K-1 every year?

A K-1 will be issued to you every year until your units have been retired.  Your units will be retired upon distribution after the harvest (approximately 10-12 years after initial investment).

What do I do with my K-1?
I am not a U.S. citizen. Do I have to file a U.S. tax return?

Investors are advised to consult their own tax counsel regarding these consequences and the preparation of any federal, state, or local tax returns that an investor may be required to file. The company is not permitted to give tax advice.

I did not receive my K-1. How do I get a copy of my K-1?

Send us an email at investorrelations@worldtree.eco, including your full name, and we will email you a copy of your K-1.

How do I update my contact information?

Any changes regarding your contact information should be emailed to: investorrelations@worldtree.eco. Additionally, be sure to log into your Computershare account and update your contact information there as well.

Will I receive updates from the company?

Yes!  The company sends updates to all investors at least twice per year.  Watch your email for these updates on or about late March/early April and late September/early October.