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Growing the Good

World Tree USA LLC - Investor Summit - 11 May, 12.30 PST

Join us for this Exclusive Investor Event

11 May, 12.30 PST – Online via Zoom

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This investor-only event is an opportunity to hear the latest news at World Tree, meet the team and to find out what’s in the works for the future.

The Summit will be hosted by Doug Willmore (CEO) and Dr Cathy Key (President, Chief Business Development Officer) with an introduction from Angela Burton (Director of Investor Relations). Whether you are a new investor with World Tree, or a seasoned veteran of our programs, you want to make sure not to miss this special event.

What to expect:

  • Trees and farmers: An update on our trees and farmers, including case studies from Alabama, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Seeing is believing, and our farmers are showing us just what is possible with Empress Tree farming.
  • Growing the market: We’ll be sharing some exciting news about the latest developments in the lumber market. Hear about our latest customer trials, what they are saying about us and some surprising news about a furniture manufacturer.
  • Special Announcement: As an investor in World Tree, you will be the first to about a new partnership we launch this month. We are about to expand our impact beyond anything anyone has imagined before and we can’t wait to share this news with you!

Thank you for being a part of World Tree.
We hope you can join us and look forward to continuing to Grow the Good – together.

Doug Willmore

Chief Executive Officer
World Tree

Doug Willmore is the CEO of World Tree who has spent his career developing teams in the public and private sectors for breakthrough performance. World Tree has become the largest grower of Empress Splendor trees in North and Latin America and creates transformational farming systems for both social and environmental impact.

Dr. Cathy Key

President and Chief Business Development Officer
World Tree

Cathy is a seasoned entrepreneur and educator. Prior to World Tree, Cathy successfully launched, managed and sold a software company whose clients included J&J, Telus and McGill University. With a PhD in Anthropology, specializing in the economics of cooperation, Cathy was instrumental in designing the Eco-Tree investment program.

Angela Burton

Director of Investor Relations
World Tree

Angela has been working with World Tree for over a decade and is part of the founding family that began the Eco Tree Program. She has worked with thousands of investors, been an Empress Tree farmer and was the first woman to be appointed to the board of the American Paulownia Association.