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A new future is possible

Uniting investors and farmers for impact and prosperity


Provide the trees, know-how and a buyer for the lumber.


Provide the land, labor, care and maintenance of the trees.


Provide the funding that makes it all possible.

Planting for prosperity

We are World Tree

World Tree is a group of investors, farmers, scientists and activists who are committed to a new kind of forestry. We believe that you don’t have to sell your soul – or sell out on the planet – to make a sound investment. Our innovations in forestry can help to solve some of the worlds toughest problems.

World Tree’s programs are based on one of the fastest-growing trees in the world: The Empress Splendor (botanical name Paulownia).

When you invest in World Tree, you are investing in eco-timber farms across North and Latin America. You are supporting farmers and protecting our forests. And you get to share in any profits from the sale of the lumber.

  • Largest grower of Empress trees in North and Latin America
  • 5,000 acres planted with 270 farmers in 5 countries
  • Fast growing trees produce hardwood in 8-12 years
  • Expert team with over 7 million acres of forestry experience
  • Extraordinary carbon drawdown, many times greater than most trees
  • Impacting 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals


Acres of Empress trees planted

World Tree is the largest grower of Empress trees in North and Latin America.


Farmers in 5 Countries

Diversified farms in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada and the United States.


Metric Tonnes of CO2 / year absorbed

Our investors are impacting climate cooling, soil repair, economic stability, and forest protection.

"Timber is the only low-risk
high-return asset class in existence."

- Jeremy Grantham, billionaire timber investor

The Eco-tree Program

How it works

Each year, World Tree offers the public the opportunity to directly invest in timber through the Eco-tree Program.

The money raised funds that year’s planting of trees, or ‘vintage’. The saplings are distributed from World Tree partner nurseries in the USA, Guatemala, Mexico and Costa Rica to the farmers enrolled in the program.

The farmers provide the land and labor to grow the trees and World Tree provides the trees and its management expertise. World Tree also manages the harvest and sale of lumber. If successful, investors and farmers receive a share in the profits.


Leaves absorb carbon from the air far more effectively than most trees.


Nitrogen-fixing leaves provide a natural fertilizer to the soil, supporting other crops.


The blossoms of the tree provide abundant pollen and nectar to pollinators.

The Empress Splendor tree

Fast growing Eco-Timber that Restores the Earth

The Empress Splendor (genus name Paulownia) is an extremely fast growing hardwood tree. Reaching maturity in around 10 years, the Empress is one of the fastest growing tree in the world.

She’s a natural beauty (non-GMO), a real fighter (fire resistant and grows back after harvest), and a good neighbor (replenishes soil and non-invasive). To top it off, she eats massive amounts of carbon using a super-powerful form of photosynthesis.

  • Grows 10-20 feet per year
  • Reaches maturity in 10 years
  • Plays nicely with other plants (non-invasive)
  • Nitrogen rich leaves fertilize the soil
  • Regrows after harvest without replanting
  • Absorbs 30 tons carbon / acre / year
"We already have the world's best
carbon capture technology"

- Bloomberg Business Week

A true eco-timber

Quality hardwood in 10 years

Empress trees produce a beautiful blonde, straight-grained hardwood . Light as balsa, strong as pine and water resistant, it is known as the “aluminum of lumber” due to its high strength-to-weight ratio.

The wood can be used for furniture, window blinds, veneers, musical instruments and surfboards. Architects use it in green buildings as a finishing wood due to its high insulating qualities. 

Lumber for a Lifetime

Perhaps the most impressive property of the Empress Splendor is its ability to regenerate.

After harvest, the tree regenerates from the stump – without replanting.  This ability of the tree to replace itself without replanting makes it a truly sustainable, self-renewing source of timber for generations to come.


The 'aluminum of lumber', this versatile lumbers is attractive and practical for furniture building.


Resistant to water, mold and warping, Empress is excellent for marine uses.


Regeneratively sourced eco-timber, combines beauty with resilience.

What they're saying

World Tree is providing a real-time, practical solution to a global problem and risk. It is a tangible way I can make a meaningful contribution to help local economies and the planet. Quite a "win-win-win" for everyone!

Cathy Anne HansellInvestor

To support the change I want to see in the world. To support a business that strives to harmonize environmental, social, and economic impact and outcome. To support carbon sequestration. Thank you for the opportunity.

Michael Van WieInvestor

Sustainable wood production and carbon sequestration what’s not to like?

Yoav GetzlerInvestor

This is a fantastic solution to a growing problem.

Benjamin SatterleeInvestor

I did it for my 13 year old and for my wife and myself to in 10 years, we at 88 yrs old, will have more clean air. In the future as the trees grow, it will generate and income for my family.

Bobby GentryInvestor

I met Wendy Burton and Cathy Key at a conference a few years ago, I was so impressed with World Tree and its mission, I have been wanting to invest ever since.

Sondra Long PattonInvestor

Rather than talking about saving the planet, we need to be the change! We need to save earth for our future generations.

Sid JainInvestor