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​S.E. Region News interviewed World Tree’s Chief Investment Officer Angela Nauta today on UNICEF’s World Children’s Day


A photo of World Tree’s Chief Investment Officer, Angela Nauta

Angela Nauta

Angela shared during the interview her love for children as a mother of four grown children, having fostered over 50 children (mostly teens). She has committed her work at World Tree as a vehicle to fulfill on a quality of life for children.

Her children and grandchildren — Bella (age 12), Zoey (age 7), and Oliviana (age 5) — were a huge motivators.“The children are why I do what I do with World Tree. It’s for their future. We have a short window of time to reverse global warming. The Empress tree — Mother Earth’s solution — has given us the quickest way I know for us to make that happen — through World Tree’s Eco-Tree Program. With enough investors — and enough farmers.”

As a mother, Angela brings a special context to her work as World Tree’s Chief Investment Officer, as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Empress tree farmer and as the only woman on the Board of the American Paulownia Association. She told S.E. Region News’ Carrie Williams:“When I look into the eyes of my granddaughter Bella, I can see her pensive uncertainty about her future because of our planet’s state of affairs. I carry that visual of her in my mind’s eye. It keeps me sharp, it keeps me focused.”


A photo of children at the Empress Acres

Grandchildren at Empress Acres

Angela applauded UNICEF’s Exec. Director Henrietta Fore’s official remarks today, focusing on the world condition of children, inside the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“World Tree applauds Director Fore’s mentioning of climate change as a new challenge to our children’s future — a challenge that was unimaginable even during my parents’ childhood. “Our mission at World Tree is to ‘Love and honor each other and Mother Earth’. To me, that means cleaning up the mess we’ve made on the planet. Our children have a natural birthright to clean water, clean air, and clean land. If we accomplish that, we will truly leave our children the legacy that is their natural right to inherit.”

Leaving a legacy for future generations is what World Tree’s Eco-Tree Program is all about. Find out how you can join our family of investors.