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Live at the Farm

Tuesday, October 26th at 3 pm (EST)

Experience the real life essence of the "Too good to be true tree."

Join World Tree's Farmer Success Team, as they host this live event on location at one of our Empress Splendor farms.

Lights, camera, trees!  If you have been wondering about our Empress trees, here is your chance to be with them, up close, virtually, in live time with experts.

Take a quick trip with us at World Tree and jump into an actual Empress farm! Extra! Extra! Read all about it:

  • Walk through our plantation and see our Empress trees… LIVE!
  • See the actual tree itself, so close that you could almost touch it!
  • Ask questions about our Empress tree that you’ve always wanted to ask.
  • Game-changing carbon sequestration. Nitrogen-fixing ability. Regenerative over multiple harvests. Intercropping team-player. Pollinating nectar. All in ONE tree.
  • Grab a seat, get some popcorn ready, and join us for this special occasion AT THE FARM! See you all there!