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Welcome to 2020!

Once again, the pages of our yearly calendars have flown by and we find ourselves not only in a new year but a brand new decade. Of all the trends, crisis, miracles and happenings that have taken place over the past ten years there has been one constant that is still just as important (more so now) than the day we first started talking about it: Climate Action.

Throughout the past decade humanity has taken a stand on some very important issues. As a combined society we’ve began to look at these challenges and face them head-on. It’s no secret that our Earth is in a state of emergency and there is no denying its recent cries for help; most notably the raging fires in Australia. People all over the world are beginning to take notice and looking for ways that they can contribute to projects that combat the climate’s degradation.

Soil and plant laying in a person's handsGenerally our resolutions are a likeness to new gym memberships, swear jars and booked vacation destinations, or whatever may be trending at the time. While we’re extreme advocates for self care, why not make a resolution to care for our planet in a way that you never have before? World Tree’s Eco-Tree Program is putting trees in the ground. Trees that restore both the air we breathe and the soil we stand on.

Much of humanity is plagued with a debilitating mindset that our individual actions are too small to make a large scale difference. Then, when we do decide to make a change, we gravitate to what exists inside of our own little bubble. It’s time we start thinking outside of that bubble and getting clear that, as we have shown here at World Tree, you do matter!

The funds that we’ve raised thus far have come from individuals like yourself that saw what we were doing and wanted to be apart of something larger. Your actions, no matter how big or small, make a difference. So, while you’re cycling on your brand new Peloton bike and thinking of ways that you can do things differently this year, remember trends and fads come and go as quickly as they popped up.

Our planet’s health matters. It’s not just a trend. This year, this decade, take a stand for Mother Earth. YOU will make the difference!

We are currently approaching a major milestone of half a million funds raised on Wefunder. This will equate to over 22,000 trees planted! If you’re inspired to invest for the first time (or again) please do so. We also ask that you help us reach that milestone by sharing our page with your people (www.wefunder.com/worldtree) and let’s make this decade a turning point for our Mother Earth.

Happy New Year from World Tree!