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Paulownia Lumber

The wood of the future is

available for purchase now



A clear, straight grain and blond in appearance


Used for surfboards, furniture, siding, boats, and more


One of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any wood

Funston Paulownia Guitar
From Tissue to Timber

Fast-Growing Eco-Timber that Restores the Earth

World Tree is planting Empress Splendor in an effort to restore our planet by providing an eco-timber solution that sequesters several tons of carbon annually.

Paulownia (fortunei & elongata) lumber has many characteristics that make it attractive to buyers in various segments of the lumber market.

  • Applications include paddleboards, surfboards, bodyboards, longboards, outdoor furniture, bee boxes, decking, siding, boats, and more
  • Exceeds acoustic vibration parameters for building musical instruments
  • Buoyant and highly water resistant with excellent insulation qualities
  • Extremely lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Does not warp, cup, twist, or deform over time
  • A clear, straight grain and blond in appearance
  • Takes any stain and finishes well
  • Non-invasive species
  • Proudly grown and milled in the USA
Environmentally Friendly

A High-Value Alternative

Empress Splendor Lumber is a light, strong hardwood, known as the “aluminum of hardwood”. Its high-growth rate, carbon sequestration, and soil-enhancing properties make it an ideal eco-timber, appealing to green consumers looking for environmentally friendly products.

The Empress Splendor Trees produce a blond timber with a long, straight grain, which air dries quickly with low shrinkage and does not easily warp, crack, or deform.  The wood density is very low, making it one of the lightest timbers available on the market. Its commercial importance is due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent insulating properties, and resistance to rot.

B&H Supply

I have not encountered a single person who is not shocked at how light this lumber is when they pick it up, and it is much stronger than its closest competitors such as cedar and pine. It presents an option to the industry for truly sustainable lumber that can be grown as a crop instead of being harvested from the forest.

– Matt Snooke, Supervisor

Voila! Creative Studio

“It is very easy to sculpt, by sanding or with wood tools, and for a hardwood, this is pretty amazing…. It is also a very steady wood, it doesn’t warp and doesn’t chip, all very important for artwork, framing and furniture.”

– Katrien Van der Schueren, Owner & Artist

Funston Guitars

I had never seen or worked with paulownia prior to this project and was initially skeptical that this incredibly light, but strong, wood would have the necessary tonal properties to make a good stringed instrument. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this remarkable resource.

– Bernie Funston, Owner

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