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The story of the tree

that could

save the world

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What they're saying

World Tree is providing a real-time, practical solution to a global problem and risk. It is a tangible way I can make a meaningful contribution to help local economies and the planet. Quite a "win-win-win" for everyone!

Cathy Anne HansellInvestor

To support the change I want to see in the world. To support a business that strives to harmonize environmental, social, and economic impact and outcome. To support carbon sequestration. Thank you for the opportunity.

Michael Van WieInvestor

Sustainable wood production and carbon sequestration what’s not to like?

Yoav GetzlerInvestor

This is a fantastic solution to a growing problem.

Benjamin SatterleeInvestor

I did it for my 13 year old and for my wife and myself to in 10 years, we at 88 yrs old, will have more clean air. In the future as the trees grow, it will generate and income for my family.

Bobby GentryInvestor

I met Wendy Burton and Cathy Key at a conference a few years ago, I was so impressed with World Tree and its mission, I have been wanting to invest ever since.

Sondra Long PattonInvestor

Rather than talking about saving the planet, we need to be the change! We need to save earth for our future generations.

Sid JainInvestor