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World Tree and Kiss the Ground Present:

the Soil to Sky webinar

a conversation to change the world

Thank you so much for watching!

If you missed it, view the recording at worldtree.eco/soil-to-sky-partnering-for-the-planet/.

Solving the world’s biggest problems requires committed action - together. Join World Tree, Kiss the Ground and the Soil Health Academy to find out why they have joined forces and what this could mean for World Tree’s farmers.

Ba Minuzzi

Founder and CEO

Ba Minuzzi is the CEO and founder of UMANA, a multi-family office with diversified investment and advisory strategies, with ventures in philanthropy, technology, and consumer goods.

 She is focused on not just financial returns but on how we can do more with our dollars to drive impact. Ba shows we can stay true to our values, doing good for the planet without leaving aside financial returns.

Ryland Engelhart

Co-Founder and Executive Director
Kiss the Ground

Ryland Engelhart is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kiss the Ground. Ryland is an entrepreneur and film-maker, and works to inspire more “gratitude” into our culture. He speaks on sacred commerce, tools for building community, and regeneration and is the host of Kiss the Ground’s “We Can Do This Podcast.”

Adrian Grenier

Actor, Co-Founder and Creator
DuContra Ventures and Earth Speed

Adrian Grenier is a change agent who leverages his influence as a communicator to spread consciousness on essential issues. As an investor, Adrian has backed entrepreneurs that he believes can change the world for the better. Through DuContra Ventures he empowers founders and investors by creating systems to amplify the positive benefits of their work together. He is also the creator of Earth Speed, a documentary series on how wiser investments of time and money can make a real impact on the planet.

Ray Archuleta

Soil Health Academy

Ray Archuleta is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist with the Soil Science Society of America and has over 30 years experience as a Soil Conservationist, Water Quality Specialist, and Conservation Agronomist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). He is an educator with the Soil Health Academy and stars in the Kiss the Ground movie.

Doug Willmore

World Tree

Doug Willmore is the CEO of World Tree who has spent his career developing teams in the public and private sectors for breakthrough performance. World Tree has become the largest grower of Empress Splendor trees in North and Latin America and creates transformational farming systems for both social and environmental impact.

World Tree and Kiss the Ground present:

the Soil to Sky webinar

Thank you so much for watching!
If you missed it, view the recording at worldtree.eco/soil-to-sky-partnering-for-the-planet/.

World Tree and Kiss the Ground are a match made not in heaven, but here on earth, in the dirt and the roots. We have a shared vision of the future: where regenerative farming plays a critical role in rebalancing the health and well-being of our planet.

You are invited to join World Tree, Kiss the Ground, the Soil Health Academy and special guest, Adrian Grenier for an action-packed panel where we will dive deep into solving some of the world’s biggest problems, together. We will discuss the potential of soil, carbon drawdown, sacred commerce, and the art of building community. Moderated by impact investment leader, Ba Minuzzi, Founder & CEO of UMANA, we will hear from panelists, Ray Archuleta (Soil Health Academy), Ryland Engelhart (Kiss the Ground), change agent, Adrian Grenier and our very own Doug Willmore (World Tree).

Over the last eight years, Kiss the Ground has been awakening millions of people to the possibilities of regeneration. The momentum and awareness reached new heights with the documentary, Kiss the Ground, which offers a hopeful vision of a regenerative future, and features conservation agronomist Ray Archuleta. Ray and the team from the Soil Health Academy train farmers on improving soil health through practical, regenerative agricultural principles.

World Tree works with nearly 300 farmers in North and Latin America to plant and grow Empress Trees for the purposes of carbon drawdown, soil health and farmer prosperity.

We are awed and delighted to bring these three organizations together for the first time. Join these inspiring leaders – Ryland Engelhart (Kiss the Ground), Adrian Grenier, Ray Archuleta (Soil Health Academy),  and Doug Willmore (World Tree) – as they launch a new partnership.

Attendees will:

  • Be the first to hear a special announcement that brings regeneration to the heart of World Tree’s farms
  • Learn about Soil Health 101 and how it can transform farmers’ relationship to soil
  • Learn about the power of advocacy and have an opportunity to win a seat in Kiss the Ground’s Soil Advocacy Training
  • Learn about sacred commerce and the art of building community

You will leave the webinar uplifted, inspired and optimistic that there are real, practical ways we can all work together on a common goal.

All registrants will also receive a free ticket to a special private screening of the Kiss the Ground documentary.

Kiss The Ground

Kiss The Ground has educated and activated millions through inspirational and engaging programming like the Media, Farmland, and Stewardship Programs.

They are a premier online educational hub for regenerative agriculture, offering an online "pathway" for anyone to find resources and their unique way forward in contributing to this expanding global movement.

Through short films, mini-docs, a podcast, branded collaborations, and other content, Kiss the Ground has created societal awareness around the extraordinary potential of healthy soil.

World Tree

World Tree creates regenerative tree farming projects in North and Latin America in partnership with farmers and other landowners. Their programs are designed to create community, provide new revenue streams for farmers, rebuild the soil, help reverse global warming, and protect forests.

At the heart of World Tree’s programs is the Empress Splendor tree (Paulownia elongata & fortunei). The Empress Splendor grows to maturity in just 10 years. It also regenerates from the stump after harvest to provide multiple crops from one planting. Grown in a managed farm setting, this eco-timber provides a reliable alternative to logging old-growth and other natural forests.

Earth Speed

Earth Speed is a series about Adrian Grenier's quest to evolve our relationship to value, and how wiser investments of time and money can make a real impact on our planet.

On this verité-style documentary series, we will follow Adrian Grenier as he searches for partners, companies and entrepreneurs who can change the world for the better.

Created by Adrian Grenier
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