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Sustainable timber investment that maximizes economic and environmental benefits

World Tree USA, LLC (World Tree) has engaged C2M Securities, LLC (C2M) as their exclusive placement agent for a $25MM Regulation D 506(c) private placement (Reg D) to launch the “2021 Eco-Tree Program.”

The Reg D launch, of the 2021 Eco-Tree Program, offers accredited investors a unique opportunity to participate in a sustainable timber investment while creating direct environmental benefits relating to nature-based carbon sequestration and promoting healthy agroforestry eco-systems. The Eco-Tree program leverages the fast growth rate of the non-invasive Empress Splendor (botanical name Paulownia) tree to maximize the economic and environmental benefits.

“At Capital2Market, and C2M Securities, we endeavor to partner with companies that present high-quality investment opportunities for our clients and partners, but also companies that aspire to make our planet a better place. World Tree, and its Eco-Tree program, achieves both of those. We are delighted and very proud to be partnering on this project with the good people at World Tree, and to be able to offer our investors a sustainable and impactful investment opportunity,” said Victor MacLaughlin, CEO of Capital2Market.

World Tree Technologies, the management company of the Eco-Tree program, works to mitigate risks for investors by diversification of planting regions, tree monitoring technology, genotype selection, and farmer education. The Company currently has over 5,000 acres planted on over 220 farms in 5 countries throughout the Americas. Doug Willmore, CEO of World Tree, is excited to be partnered with C2M Securities for this Reg D offering. “C2M offers World Tree the ability to connect with a broad and diverse network of investors and value-added partners,” said Doug Willmore, CEO of World Tree, who is excited to be partnered with C2M Securities for this Reg D offering as World Tree continues to fulfill on its mission to elevate, educate, and innovate for our planet.

A core mission and strategy of Capital2Market is the commitment to provide access to values-aligned, unique investment opportunities. Upon meeting the leaders of World Tree it became quite clear that this project was an excellent opportunity to meet that objective. A “conscious capitalism” project like the Eco-Tree program is at the forefront of promoting C2M’s core mission.

Through this Reg D offering, World Tree intends to plant, manage, and harvest the Empress Splendor tree. For every $32,000/20,000 Series A 2021 Eco-Tree Units purchased, World Tree will plant 10 acres of Empress Splendor trees. It is estimated that Investors will receive timber net profit distributions in 8-12 years if trees reach maturity, are successfully harvested, and if the timber is sold for profit. Profits are shared with farmers, investors, and World Tree. World Tree is in the process of establishing a carbon verification program providing investors the potential to receive a dividend from carbon sequestration monetization (carbon offset) starting in year 3 through harvest.

For further details on the Offering, please click here worldtree.eco/invest

About World Tree:

World Tree implements regenerative agroforestry projects; mitigating climate change and making significant economic impacts for small farmers and investors. We focus on protecting old-growth forests and infusing capital, resiliency, and a long-term future for farmers across the Americas. For more information on World Tree, visit worldtree.eco

About C2M Securities:

Capital2Market is the marketing name for C2M Securities, LLC and its affiliates. Securities offered through C2M Securities, LLC • Member: FINRA, SIPC • Registered with MSRB C2M’s Form CRS among other disclosures: www.capital2market.com

This is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation to buy, a security, which can be made only by the prospective investors if it is preceded or accompanied by the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), which contains various and important risk disclosures. This material does not purport to be complete and should be read in conjunction with the PPM. All potential investors must read the PPM and no person may invest without acknowledging that they have received, read, and fully understand the PPM.

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