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World Tree Presents:

The Journey

Uncover a pathway to doing what matters most;
living the life of your dreams, and building wealth with purpose.

Rachel Eta Brown

World Tree Investor
Lawyer – Pace Immigration

Jason Humphries

World Tree Farmer
4H Plantation

Andy Norris

Head of USA Farms and Forestry
World Tree

Jack Matson

Lumber Division Director
World Tree

Dr. Cathy Key

World Tree

World Tree presents:

The Journey

Every journey starts with a single committed step towards a destination. Sometimes we travel alone – but often the best adventures are those we share with others. At World Tree we are fortunate to work with an incredible community of investors, farmers and ambassadors who share our commitment to healing the planet.

In this webinar you will meet members of our community and staff at World Tree and learn first hand why they are part of the World Tree journey.

Thank you for joining us! If you missed it, please fill out the form below to view/download a recording of webinar - it was an incredible journey.

Questions people have been asking us:

  • What is it REALLY like to be a World Tree farmer? (Ask 4 year Empress farmer Jason Humphries)
  • How hard is it to grow an Empress tree? (Ask our forester, Andy Norris)
  • Why would someone invest in World Tree every year? (Ask lawyer and serial investor, Rachel Eta Brown)
  • How will we turn trees into profits? (Ask our lumber expert, Jack “the lumberjack” Matson)
  • What’s our ultimate destination and why does it matter? (Ask World Tree’s President Dr Cathy Key)

From the birth of the Empress Splendor saplings, through the planting and growing of the trees, and ultimately to the harvest and sale of the lumber, ours is a story unique in the investment world – one of cooperation, trust, and mutual benefit between our investors, our farmers and World Tree team members. Thank you for being part of our journey!