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A new future is possible

Uniting investors and farmers for impact and prosperity


Acres of Empress trees planted

World Tree is the largest grower of Empress trees in North and Latin America.


Farmers in 5 Countries

Diversified farms in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada and the United States.


Metric Tons of CO2 / year absorbed

Our investors are impacting climate cooling, soil repair, economic stability, and forest protection.

World Tree is disrupting the forestry industry
with our impact-focused programs for investors and farmers.

Planting for Prosperity

World Tree’s programs are based on one of the fastest-growing trees in the world: The Empress Splendor (botanical name Paulownia).  When you invest in the Empress, you are investing in eco-timber farms across North and Latin America. You are supporting farmers and protecting our forests. And you get to share in any profits from the sale of the lumber.

Climate change, soil degradation, and deforestation are issues that will affect us all. World Tree investors are putting their money into action to create impactful nature-based climate change solutions.

We project long-term potential to be high, as the United Nations predicts that demand for timber will double by 2050. Most trees take 20 to 50 years to reach maturity. Empress trees reach hardwood maturity in approximately 10 years and regenerate a new tree after they have been harvested.  This means we can keep up with the demand for timber without sacrificing our forests.

  • Largest grower of Empress trees in North and Latin America
  • 5,000 acres planted with 220 farmers in 5 countries
  • Fast growing trees produce hardwood in 8-12 years
  • Profit-sharing programs with farmers and investors
  • Exclusive Empress genotypes selected for lumber quality
  • Team of foresters and scientists with over 50 years’ experience in growing Empress trees
  • Impacting 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals

Invest in Eco-Tree Action

(A crowdfunding investment opportunity)

Are you looking to take action today toward climate change? Eco-Tree Action is an investment for all.

The Eco-Tree Investment Program

(A RegD investment opportunity for accredited investors only)

Diversify your portfolio with forestry and receive potential returns in as little as three years.

Institutional Investment

Expanding our impact with long-term, mission-aligned private equity capital.

The World Tree Farmer Program

Turn your fallow land into a profit center. Create a new future for your farm.

What they're saying

I am a believer in the need to get a handle on climate change to stop the events that are occurring around the world. I have an Aunt that lives in California and came close to the fires that occurred in California. Replacing the trees to restore the landscape is most essential in my book.

Kimberly F. KatzInvestor

I like that the returns are more "real" than most investments that I have seen (i.e. based on a tangible product rather than speculation), and the impact on climate change is a huge bonus.

Sajad ZalzalaInvestor

I believe this will help improve our environment and business for the World tree and investment for me.

Ramesh PatelInvestor

I just love the idea of World Tree - good for the environment, good for the soil, good for the farmer, good for me as an investor, . . .

Brian MorrisInvestor