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Nature-based solutions to global problems

World Tree is focused on nature-based solutions to some of our biggest global challenges. We develop carbon forestry projects for the purpose of native forest protection, renewable timber production and carbon sequestration.

World Tree funnels private capital into the regeneration of undervalued farmland through Empress-based forestry.

Our goals are to:

  • Build the value and improve productivity of under-utilized farmland
  • Create robust returns for investors and landowners
  • Introduce a new, sustainable hardwood lumber to the U.S. market.
  • Protect and rebuild eco-systems through regenerative farming practices
  • Generate nature-based carbon offsets to tackle the climate crisis

World Tree employs regenerative farming practices that restore ecosystem function, soils, and biodiversity. These practices serve as the foundation for our ultimate goal to restore and reforest millions of acres of land into productive agroforestry landscapes.

The Empress Splendor tree

Fast growing eco-timber that restores the earth

Our natural forests are being cut down at a completely unsustainable rate. This includes irreplaceable native temperate, tropical and boreal forests, the “lungs of the planet” and the earth’s largest terrestrial carbon sinks.

World Tree is meeting the surge in demand for sustainably sourced hardwood lumber through the development of Empress tree farms.

World Tree’s Empress Splendor (botanical names Paulownia elonagata and Paulownia fortunei) is an extremely fast growing hardwood tree. Non-GMO and non-invasive, the Empress can reach hardwood maturity in only ten years and regenerates multiple times without replanting.

Known as the ‘aluminum of lumber’, the Empress produces a versatile lumber with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Grows 10-20 feet per year
  • Reaches maturity in 10 years
  • Produces a versatile hardwood
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Regrows after harvest without replanting
A breath of fresh air

A Natural carbon sink

The Empress Splendor tree uses an exceptionally efficient form of photosynthesis to fuel its fast growth. In the process it absorbs more carbon than most other trees – about 10 times as much as a pine tree. Ostrom Climate estimated that an acre of mature Empress trees can absorb 30 tons of C02 per year or more.

It is also one of the few trees on the planet that are considered “nitrogen-fixing” meaning it can naturally put nitrogen back into depleted soils, making the local ecosystem healthy again.

World Tree is also developing regenerative agricultural practices for our tree farms, helping our growers  learn to work more naturally with the land to enhance productivity and increase biodiversity.

  • Absorbs 30 tons carbon /acre / year
  • Nitrogen rich leaves fertilize the soil
  • Pollen-rich flowers support bees
  • Non-invasive and non-GMO
  • Intercrops and provides shade for other plants
  • Silvopasture and bee keeping opportunities
"We already have the world's best
carbon capture technology"

- Bloomberg Business Week

Measurable Impact

Find out how we benefit climate, soil, biodiversity and more.

$274B Market Demand

World Tree is fulfilling market demand for eco-lumber.

A "Wonder" Tree

Discover the many special properties of the Empress Splendor tree.

A true eco-timber

Quality hardwood in 10 years

Empress trees produce a beautiful blonde, straight-grained hardwood . Light as balsa, strong as pine and water resistant, it is known as the “aluminum of lumber” due to its high strength-to-weight ratio.

The wood can be used for furniture, window blinds, veneers, musical instruments and surfboards. Architects use it in green buildings as a finishing wood due to its high insulating qualities. 

Lumber for a Lifetime

Perhaps the most impressive property of the Empress Splendor is its ability to regenerate.

After harvest, the tree regenerates from the stump – without replanting.  This ability of the tree to replace itself without replanting makes it a truly sustainable, self-renewing source of timber for generations to come.

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What they're saying

World Tree is providing a real-time, practical solution to a global problem and risk. It is a tangible way I can make a meaningful contribution and help local economies and the planet. Quite a 'win-win-win' for everyone!

Cathy Anne HansellInvestor

To support the change I want to see in the world. To support a business that strives to harmonize environmental, social, and economic impact and outcome. To support carbon sequestration. Thank you for the opportunity.

Michael Van WieInvestor

Sustainable wood production and carbon sequestration. What’s not to like?

Yoav GetzlerInvestor

This is a fantastic solution to a growing problem.

Benjamin SatterleeInvestor

I did it for my 13-year-old, my wife and myself, so that, in 10 years, we will have more clean air. In the future, as the trees grow, they will generate an income for my family.

Bobby GentryInvestor

I met Wendy Burton and Cathy Key at a conference a few years ago, I was so impressed with World Tree and its mission, I have been wanting to invest ever since.

Sondra Long PattonInvestor

Rather than talking about saving the planet, we need to be the change! We need to save the Earth for our future generations.

Sid JainInvestor