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A World Tree Webinar Series

Creating a regenerative future
for people and the planet

Join World Tree and special guests as we host an inspiring webinar series, each uniquely designed to share how our Eco-Tree Program is creating natural abundance for farmers, investors and the environment.

Our Eco-Tree Program is designed to balance respect for the Planet with support for People that creates Prosperity for all.

We’re doing this by partnering with over 300 farmers, in 4 countries to create model regenerative agroforestry systems. With assistance from our farming team and partners, our farms enhance local ecosystem, draw down carbon, and generate income from eco-lumber and companion crops. The program is fueled by capital raised from individual impact investors who believe in our mission and that it is possible to profit from doing good.

This webinar series has been created to inform and inspire our community with stories of the people we work with and progress we are making in our farming and lumber programs. More details about each webinar is below.

To add some holiday season fun, we’ll be giving away prizes at each webinar.

Come and test your knowledge of Empress trees and you could win some great prizes!



Stories from the Farm


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Farmers are at the heart of our Eco-Tree Program. Without their hard work, ingenuity, and dedication to growing the best trees possible, our program would not be possible.

Small farmers have some lowest per capita incomes in North and Central America. Coupled with a changing climate and competition from big farms, farming has become a risky business that many are giving up on. Being part of the Eco-Tree Program gives farmers renewed hope that they can earn an income from their land and create a legacy for future generations to prosper.

Host: Cathy Key, President and Chief Business Development Officer
Guests: Terry Rodrigue, Director of Operations; Mariana Alfaro, Regional Forestry Leader - Costa Rica , Andy Norris, Director of Forestry Operations - USA


Regenerative farming in action

Empress-Based Agroforestry


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Did you know the Empress Splendor tree is an ideal tree for use in agroforestry systems where trees are combined with crops like coffee and corn, and cover crops like clover? Cattle and other grazing animals can also be incorporated to create a silvopasture system. Its branches are also excellent fuel in biochar production. These regenerative agricultural practices are considered some of the most efficient nature-based solutions for drawing down carbon and enhancing soil health.

Not only that, they are also excellent ways for farmers to earn additional income while their trees mature.

We are working closely with our farmers and partners to implement these powerful regenerative agricultural practices on our Eco-Tree Program farms and in some of our larger projects.

Host: Dr. Cathy Key, President and Chief Business Development Officer
Guests: Our partners: Carolina Mejia from 1-2-Tree and a representative from Kiss the Ground


Growing trees for purpose and profit

Our Billion $ Market Opportunity


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We are serious about creating real, sustainable financial returns for our farmers and investors from the sale of beautiful, versatile Empress Splendor lumber.

While many tree species are going extinct due to deforestation and climate change, the global demand for lumber and other wood products continues to grow. We have the opportunity to establish our place inside an annual $176B hardwood market with sustainably grown, renewable Empress Splendor lumber. We have been carefully researching and monitoring the hardwood lumber market, and have made our first sales. Join us to get the latest news on the lumber market and our opportunity secure our place in the growing market.

Host: Doug Willmore, CEO
Guests: Jack Matson, Director of Lumber Division and Bernie Funston, expert luthier and climate activist.

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