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World Tree welcomes four new appointments to the 2022 Board of Directors.

World Tree would like to announce the appointments of Deborah Cullen, Jeff Nuss, Tiffany Persons, and Mark Watson to the World Tree Board of Directors.

“We are honored that these four accomplished individuals chose to join World Tree in our effort to build stakeholder impact and value through regenerative agroforestry,” said Doug Willmore, the co-chair and chief executive officer of World Tree. “Reversing climate change takes all of us and we are gratified that Deb, Jeff, Mark, and Tiffany are joining us.” 

World Tree has lofty goals and big dreams. The passion, commitment, and experience of Deborah Cullen, Jeff Nuss, Tiffany Persons, and Mark Watson will be integral to helping World Tree attain them.

Board Member Tiffany Persons

Tiffany Persons

Tiffany Persons is the founder of Tiffany Company Casting, an industry leader in commercial casting. As the founding director of Shine on Sierra Leone, a nonprofit that creates groundbreaking healthcare, education, agriculture, and sustainability programs, Tiffany has run an organization that has financed over 3,500 microloans for women-founded small businesses, helped over 14,000 individuals become computer literate, and ensured thousands of students receive an education that would not have been available otherwise.

Jeff Nuss

Jeff Nuss is the managing partner of Handprint Impact Partners. He is also the founder and former president and chief executive officer of GreenWood Resources and its subsidiaries. With over 28 years of experience in investing, business development, and forestry management, Jeff has overseen forestry assets and investments totaling close to $2 billion in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. His companies have managed more than 740,000 acres (300,000 hectares) in forestry operations.

Board Member Jeff Nuss
Deborah Cullen Board Member

Deborah Cullen

Deborah Cullen is World Tree’s chief financial officer and chief administrative officer. Prior to World Tree, she worked as the finance director for the cities of El Segundo and Rancho Palos Verdes. She has also been a senior manager for the accounting firm, Mayer Hoffman McCann, and was the director of finance and strategies at the U.S. Postal Service, where she was responsible for generating and managing over $5 billion in revenue. Additionally, as a member of the Bishop Paiute Tribe, Deborah has worked on economic development for indigenous tribes over many years.

Mark Watson

Mark Watson is the co-founder and president of Potlikker Capital, a farm-community governed, charitable-integrated capital fund that supports BIPOC farmers at the intersection of racial and climate justice and that is a supporting entity to the nonprofit Jubilee Justice. Mark is also the founder of Keel Asset Management, which is a financial advisory firm that provides socially-responsible financial planning and investment advisory services. He is also a senior investment strategist (formerly the managing director) at the Fair Food Fund, which offers catalytic capital to improve community access to healthy food and increase wealth through local ownership of food production and distribution.

Board Member Mark Watson

These four outstanding and formidable individuals join Todd Fein, Chris Wedding, Allan English, and Filippo Bozotti, as well as World Tree’s Founder Wendy Burton, CEO Doug Willmore, and President Cathy Key on the World Tree Board of Directors. Please join us in welcoming Deborah Cullen, Jeff Nuss, Tiffany Persons, and Mark Watson to the World Tree Board.